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sub.pod.105 – arise.2 – neonlogic

600x600_subpod105artist: neonlogic
series: arise.2
release: sub.pod.105
style: deep
date: 12 / 2013
size: 148 mb / 320 kb/s / 61 min


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sub.pod.105 – arise.2 – neonlogic

subspiele: what are you doing exactly at this moment ?
neonlogic: Hello. Currently, I’m living in Porto, Portugal, which is my hometown. I’m focusing exclusively on music for the moment… In fact, exactly at this moment, I’m checking out new music.

subspiele: where did you record the mix ?
neonlogic: I recorded it in my little home studio.

subspiele: which is the song that you recently liked the most ?
neonlogic: Well, this is a tricky one… I was really impressed with the first Fussganger EP but overall, 2013 was a fantastic year for deep and dub techno and hard to pick favorites.

subspiele: how do you feel now ?
neonlogic: I’m feeling renewed in the beautiful Porto Winter, after living last the season in Ibiza and I am currently doing a lot of planning for the future.

subspiele: how should it go on ?
neonlogic: A good producer friend of mine, Dave Wesley, is moving to Porto soon. He will be setting up his studio here and we’re starting our own label. We are also starting some nights dedicated to dub and deep techno, here in Porto.

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