sub.pod.106 – breath.2 – dustin.morris

600x600_subpod106artist: dustin morris
series: breath.2
release: sub.pod.106
style: ambient, drone
date: 01 / 2014
size: 110 mb / 320 kb/s / 48 min


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sub.pod.106 – breath.2 – dustin.morris

subspiele: what are you doing exactly at this moment ?
dustin morris: hey frank. at the moment i’m just getting ready for work! snow is falling here, so i’ll have to leave a bit early.

subspiele: where did you record the mix ?
dustin morris: the mix was recorded at my friend’s flat here in toronto. it took me one night to compile the music and one to record.

subspiele: which is the song that you recently liked the most ?
dustin morris: tough one! i’ll give you two. purl’s upcoming solo for dewtone and porya hatami’s upcoming for tench.

subspiele: how do you feel now ?
dustin morris: good mate :)

subspiele: how should it go on ?
dustin morris: it’ll go on whether we want it to or not! try to improve everyday and remember to enjoy it.

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