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sub.rec.14 – Doyeq – Soundsphere


1. Doyeq – Frame (8:04)
2. Doyeq – Phonotone (7:08)
3. Doyeq – Soundsphere (9:16)
4. Doyeq – Yellow Day (7:44)

You get a ZIP File that includes all Tracks in Mp3 320kb/s Quality.

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Product Description

music by doyeq
Doyeq – this is what we have been hinting at. If you like subspiele, you will certainly come across the sound of this amazing duo. Their tracks were already part in several podcasts – also in the current one which features 2 incredible tracks of doyeq. We are extremely happy about this since we follow doyeq for quite some time already – we simply love their sound.

photography by malte

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subspiele: first of all, congrats to this powerful collaboration between both of you. how did it come to this connection?
doyeq: Thanks! We know each other since childhood. And we realized that we both love music very much. So we tried to do something together and here we are)

subspiele: why did you call the track or the release „soundsphere” ?
doyeq: We think that this album is the sphere of sound. All these tracks has similar sound, and the same spirit. It’s like one sphere of the music.

subspiele: you released a lot of tracks (incredible tracks) in the last days. wow much time do you spent in the studio ?
doyeq: We try to spend all free time in the studio. Or if you can’t get to the studio, you can also do something at home, and then work with it on the studio. For us, music is an opportunity to express own emotions, so it depends on the mood.

subspiele: more specifically, how did you produce these tracks ? which synths and which daw were used ?
doyeq: For these tracks we used Moog Voyager, Virus ti2, TC Electronic M3000, TC Electronic Finalizer 96k, Motu Ultralite and Ableton Live. But we are trying to use different synths, soundcards and effects. Also we don’t use VSTi at all.

subspiele: what is your perspective for you path forward?
doyeq: We just wanna achieve the best quality and the best content and we want to progress on it as it’s possible. Actually It’s the way to bring our emotions throughout our music We are very glad that the people like what we do, and all feedbacks is very important for us. It’s great when listener can experience the same emotions like we do. We always try to make this point.

subspiele: how do you feel right now ?
doyeq: Feel great! Looking forward for a new experiences!

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